8th October 2015

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The National Healthlink Project provides a web-based messaging service which allows the secure transmission of clinical patient information between Hospitals, Health Care Agencies and General Practitioners. The project has been in operation since 1995 and has developed considerably since that time to its current status as national messaging broker.

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Healthlink technical specifications enable our partners to exchange data and information across healthcare organisations. Healthcare software providers use these specifications to provide functionality such as the delivery of laboratory orders and reports, discharge reports, referral messages and responses.

Today we are making these publicly available to assist businesses and individuals who are interested in working with us on messaging projects.

The Healthlink Hospital Information & Interface Specification provides overall information about enabling Healthlink services for Hospitals and Health Care facilities. The HealthlinkOnline Message Specification gives all the detail required for interfacing with HealthlinkOnline. This document covers the message types supported by Healthlink, data requirements, message formats etc.

The newly released specifications are part of Healthlink’s ongoing effort to help improve the interoperability and connectivity of healthcare systems in Ireland. 

The specs are available on

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