Cancer Referrals

The 2006 National Cancer Strategy recognised that information systems should be developed to manage cancer services.  The National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), in collaboration with Healthlink, GPIT and the HSE developed electronic referral forms for breast, prostate, lung and most recently, pigmented lesion cancer. Healthlink worked with the accredited GP practice management system vendors to integrate the forms in the patient record. Once the referral has been submitted, an instant acknowledgement is received to confirm that it has been successfully sent. A response outlining triage and appointment information is sent to the referring GP within 5 working days. Breast, Prostate and Lung referrals have been rolled out nationally to the designated cancer centres. Pigmented Lesion referrals are in pilot in 6 hospitals nationally. The NCCP Electronic Cancer Referral Project was awarded an eGovernment Award in 2012 for the best 'Project in a Hospital'.

Key points:

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