General Referrals

The National Electronic General GP Referral Pilot Project was established in 2011 to deliver electronic general referrals, using the HIQA/ICGP standard referral template. This project was run as a collaboration between Healthlink, HSE, ICGP, GPIT, NCCP and the Outpatients Performance Improvement Programme. 

Following a successful pilot in seven hospitals in Cork, Kerry and AMNCH Paediatrics, phase 1 of the project went officially live in August 2014. Similarly to the cancer referrals, the general referral form is integrated in the GP software systems which means that much of the patient information is auto-populated thereby cutting down on the time taken to place a referral. Acknowledgements are also sent, confirming that the form has been successfully submitted. 

The Mater hospital is the first site to go live with phase II of the referrals project having achieved full integration with PatientCentre, their EPR system. From the hospital's point of view the referral is no longer printed on arrival resulting in substantial savings in administrative time due to automation of this key step in the process.

General Referrals are currently being rolled out nationally.