Lab Order

Healthlink and the Mater Hospital Lab were the first in Ireland to offer GPs and Practice Nurses the ability to order blood tests online, replacing the manual order form. This service is also available to GPs ordering from St. James's Lab and is in pilot in Cavan General.

There are 3 simple steps in the process:

  1. Fill in Demographics: Users can search for & select patients from a list of those who have previously attended hospital and had a result sent back on HealthlinkOnline.
  2. Select tests: A definitive set of tests are available, grouped by specimen type. The user can review the order at any stage, remove a test or add some more.
  3. Print the Order Form: When the order is complete and reviewed the user clicks submit which prints the order form including a barcode. A pop-up window also tells the user how many specimens must be supplied with the order. This is calculated from the number of specimens selected by the user. Finally the form is placed in the bag with the specimens and sent to the lab.

Benefits to General Practice include:

Benefits to Labs:

If you would like further information or training on Lab Order please contact us on 01 8287115 or