Neurolink was launched in December 2006 following a 6-month pilot with a group of St. Vincent's GPs. The service allows GPs direct online access to Consultant Neurologists for initial diagnosis and advice as to whether their patient should attend in person and/or what tests should be completed prior to meeting the Neurologist. With only 20 Neurologists in Ireland and waiting lists of around 2 years, this system has already proven to be hugely beneficial in cutting down unnecessary visits and waiting times as well as reducing administrative duties for healthcare staff. Also, the quick response from the Neurologist helps alleviate anxiety on the part of the patient.

The Neurolink system, in replacing the standard referral letter, was designed to be quick and easy to use. The form itself is based on a series of drop-down menus to capture details of the patient's presenting complaint, medications, family history, examination findings and past neurological attendances. There is ample free-text space also for the GP to enter comments or observations that are not captured elsewhere.

Neurolink is currently available in the following hospitals: St. Vincent's, St. James's, Mater Misericordiae, Limerick Regional Hospital & Cork University Hospital.

We are currently working with the Practice Management System suppliers to incorporate the responses into the patient record.

To watch a video demo visit our training page.

If you would like further information or training on Neurolink please contact Orla Farrell on 01 8825720 or