Current News

February 2018 - Specialist Ophthalmology Referrals Live in Sligo University Hospital

As part of the national rollout of Ophthalmology eReferrals, Sligo University Hospital have gone live with the specialist form. The form is based on the national OPD General Referral form with the addition of specific questions related to Ophthalmology, in particular visual acuity.
From the GPs’ perspective, eReferrals are integrated in the four accredited practice management systems and also available in the HealthlinkOnline portal. Acknowledgements are available instantly once the referral has been sent and triage information will be returned from the hospital within 5 working days. Patient care is improved as GPs can offer reassurance that the referral is being actioned in the hospital. Patients also benefit from a more efficient referral which is faster, safer and contains all the specific clinical information necessary for the Consultant team.

February 2018 - Mercy Univerisity Hospital Lab Reports

Following a successful pilot, lab reports are now available electronically from Mercy University Hospital (MUH). These reports can be downloaded into your practice software and also read/printed from the HealthlinkOnline portal. We would like to thank our colleagues in MUH plus the pilot GP practices for their support in this project.

February 2018 - NOwDoc Out of Hours Reports

Co-Op reports from out of hours service, NOWDoc are live in Healthlink. The NOWDoc service is available to patients in Leitrim, North Roscommon and Donegal and we are pleased to offer GPs in those areas access to the electronic reports, replacing the fax method.

February 2018 - Data Returns

The Data Returns service, allowing for electronic submission of Diabetes Cycle of Care, Periodic Assessment and Asthma Cycle of Care, is live from 1st February. For any support queries please contact your practice software vendor or the Healthlink team.