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October 2008 - Healthlink Newsletter

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October 2008 - Upper GI Cancer Referrals Online in St. James's

We are delighted to announce that GPs in the St. James's catchment area can now submit Gastroenterology referrals via HealthlinkOnline. The Upper GI Cancer referral will enable Professor John Reynolds, Consultant Surgeon, in St. James's Hospital to have all the vital information needed prior to the patient attending the clinic. This is our first implementation of a cancer referral form and we would like to thank Professor Reynolds, his department and the Regional Oncology team at the hospital for their support in the project.

July 2008 - National Cancer Program look to National Healthlink Projectís Referral Services to help achieve their Goals

The National Cancer Programme and itís director, Professor Tom Keane have approached Healthlink with a view to implementing electronic cancer referrals using the HealthlinkOnline system. "We are delighted that the infrastructure we put in place for the online referrals is being utilised to enable further referrals from GPs into the hospitals", says Gemma Garvan the Acting Project Manger for Healthlink. Healthlink were contacted by Professor Keane and requested to view the system in place with Niall Tubridy and the neurology department in St Vincentís. Professor Keane instantly saw the benefits in implementing a similar service for cancer referrals and Healthlink have put together a proposal for implementing a full range of cancer referral forms. Full Press Release...

July 2008 - Healthlink named as good example in draft Health Information Bill

As part of the Health Reform Programme, the Department of Health & Children is preparing new legislation on the collection, use, sharing, storage, disclosure and transfer of personal health information. A discussion document on the Bill has been published in which the National Healthlink project has been given as an example of how the health service should proceed to achieve efficiency and success.
The document is available here (see page 15).

July 2008 - Microbiology Live in St. James's

We are delighted to announce that we are now sending Microbiology reports live from St. James's lab. All GPs currently receiving lab results from St. James's will automatically receive micro results from Monday 7th July. We would like to thank all those in the Lab and IT department at the hospital plus the group of pilot GPs who have helped us bring this project to a successful conclusion.

May 2008 - Neurolink in St. James's Hospital

Healthlink have joined with Consultant Neurologist Dr. Colin Doherty to roll out Neurolink in St. Jamesís Hospital. In using this service GPs are guaranteed a response from Dr. Doherty within 7 days of submitting the referral. We are pleased to have a second hospital utilising Neurolink and thank Dr. Doherty for his role in the expansion of this valuable service.

May 2008 - Ennis General Hospital

Following a successful pilot with the Radiology Department we are now sending Radiology reports live from Ennis General. All GPs in the area have been enabled for this service. We would like to thank the pilot group and others involved in the project for their work and continued support.

April 2008 - Co-op Messaging Live in Mid-West

We are delighted to announce that ShannonDoc co-op messages are now being sent live in HealthlinkOnline. This means that from today onwards these out-of-hours reports are available electronically to all users of the ShannonDoc service. This is Healthlink's first implementation of co-op messaging and we would like to thank everyone involved in the project for their help in introducing this highly sought-after service.

February 2008 - Lab Results Live in St. Michael's Hospital, Dun Laoghaire

We are delighted to announce that St. Michael's Hospital is now sending lab results live on HealthlinkOnline. We are inviting all GPs in the catchment area to register with us immediately or if you are already a Healthlink user simply let us know and we will enable your account. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for their work in bringing the service live.