News Archive- 2011

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December 2011 - Radiology Messaging in Cavan/Monaghan

GPs in the Cavan/Monaghan area can avail of electronic Radiology reports now that the hospitals are connected to the new national Radiology system. The reports are available almost instantly once authorised by a Clinician and are fully compatible with the accredited Practice Management Systems. If you are not already registered with Healthlink please contact us on 01 8287115 or email to apply for an account.

November 2011 - Healthlink Newsletter

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November 2011 - Radiology Services in the North East

Three hospitals in the North East area are the latest to go live with new NIMIS Radiology system. Our Lady of Lourdes in Drogheda, Louth County Hospital and Our Lady's in Navan have implemented the system meaning that GPs can now receive their patient Radiology reports through HealthlinkOnline and download them into their Practice Management Systems. Cavan/Monaghan are the next to go live; in total 35 Irish hospitals will connect to NIMIS over the next 3 years.

October 2011 - New Services from the Mater Private

This month sees the launch of two new services from the Mater Private - Prostate Cancer referrals and Lab results. GPs using the accredited Practice Management Systems can place referrals from within their patient files to the Prostate Clinic. Other users can access the referral form on the HealthlinkOnline website. Responses will be sent from the clinic within 5 working days of receipt of referral. Lab results from the hospital can also be integrated with patient files and will be available almost instantly once authorised on the laboratory system. Please contact us on 01 8287115 if you wish to be enabled for these services.

September 2011 - Lung Cancer Referrals to GUH

GPs in the West can now place online Lung Cancer referrals to Galway University Hospital. The cancer team at the hospital will respond to the referral within 5 working days, giving details of the clinic which the patient will attend plus a date and time of appointment if known. Healthlink and the National Cancer Control Program are delighted to further expand our online referral services and we thank all those involved in the project for their support.

August 2011 - Healthlink Live in Sligo General Hospital

We are delighted to announce that the project team have approved the go-live of Radiology reports from Sligo General Hospital. These reports are generated from the new NIMIS Radiology system which was introduced to the hospital in June. We would like to invite all GP practices in the area to register with us. If you are already a Healthlink user simply give us a call on 01 8287115 and we will enable your account. Otherwise please click on Apply and complete the requested details. We would like to thank all those involved in the project for their support in reaching this successful conclusion.

August 2011 - Healthlink User Survey

Earlier this year we carried out a user survey to gauge satisfaction with Healthlink services and seek feedback on usage of HealthlinkOnline, support & training and services you would like to see developed in the future. Overall the results show that satisfaction is high among our users and HealthlinkOnline is a beneficial and effective service in General Practice. The survey highlighted areas where improvements can be made and we have a number of follow-ups to attend to based on comments given. We would like to thank all those to responded to the survey, your feedback is very much appreciated and is being acted upon.

A copy of the report is available here. If you have additional comments or queries at any point please contact us.

July 2011 - Sligo NIMIS Pilot Begins

Sligo General has now gone live with NIMIS and a pilot of results to GPs has begun. The pilot shall run until 22nd August after which time electronic Radiology Reports shall be made available to all local GPs via HealthlinkOnline.

July 2011 - Healthlink and NIMIS

The HSE National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS) project is investing over €40m in providing state of the art electronic radiology systems for 35 Irish hospitals. NIMIS will make Ireland’s radiological services ‘filmless’ and provide a seamless data flow of patient images between hospital sites.

The new system is being rolled out to a number of hospitals over the coming months beginning with Sligo and followed by Beaumont, the Mater and Waterford Regional. Other hospitals shall follow based on the national rollout plan for the project. Healthlink shall interface with NIMIS to send the electronic reports to GPs. We already send Radiology reports from Beaumont and the Mater but Sligo and Waterford GPs will be able to receive patient results via HealthlinkOnline for the first time. In the long term we hope that NIMIS will facilitate our introduction of online radiology ordering for GPs.

May 2011 - Microbiology reports Live from St. Colmcille's

Users of St. Colmcille's Lab will now also receive Microbiology reports from Healthlink. These reports will be sent automatically into your account with your Biochemistry and Haematology results. Our thanks to Denise O'Toole in St. Colmcille's Lab and the pilot practices for all their help on this project.

May 2011 - Discharge Summaries from AMNCH

We are pleased to announce that Discharge Summaries are available online to all Healthlink GPs from Tallaght Hospital. This project has been in pilot with a group of local GPs and following its successful conclusion has gone live on Monday, 16th May. If you are not already registered with us, please click here to apply for a Healthlink account or alternatively, contact us on 8287115 for further information. We would like to thank the pilot GP practices and all those in AMNCH who worked on this project with us.

April 2011 - Lung Cancer Referrals to Waterford Regional Hospital

Waterford Regional has become the seventh Cancer Centre to begin using Healthlink's lung cancer referral service. GPs in the Waterford, Kilkenny, Carlow, South Tipperary and Wexford areas are invited to utilise the service with a guaranteed response of 5 working days. Please contact us on 01 8287115 if you have any questions or please see our Apply page if you wish to register for a Healthlink account.

March 2011 - Lung Cancer Referrals

Two more National Cancer Centres join the pilot of electronic Lung Cancer referrals this week. Beaumont Hospital and Cork University Hospital are both using the service which will enable GPs in their area to submit a patient referral online and receive a response back from the cancer team within 5 working days. Please contact us on 01 8287115 if you have any questions or require any assistance on this.

March 2011 - Healthlink Newsletter

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March 2011 - St. Colmcille's Microbiology Pilot

This week Healthlink and St. Colmcille's Lab have begun a pilot of Microbiology reports. The pilot is being run with a number of local GPs, for 4 weeks. After this time we aim to release these messages to all GPs in the area.

March 2011 - SouthDoc Reports Live in HealthlinkOnline

Following a successful pilot of SouthDoc out-of-hours reports we are now in a position to roll-out this service to all GP members in the region. Using HealthlinkOnline, patient reports are delivered electronically on a daily basis, replacing the normal faxing method. The reports can also be downloaded into your Practice Management System, saving a significant amount of admin time.

We shall be contacting practices on a phased basis over the next 2-3 weeks, inviting them to join. However, if you are already a Healthlink user, simply contact us and we will enable your account. We would like to express our gratitude to our colleagues in SouthDoc, the IT Department HSE South and the pilot practices for all their support and assistance in the project.

February 2011 - Prostate Cancer Referrals to the Mater Rapid Access Clinic

We are delighted to announce the introduction of online Prostate Cancer referrals to the Mater hospital. GP referrals go directly to Professor Fitzpatrick, Consultant Urologist and his team who will respond within five working days. Patients will be seen within the usual time guidelines. The Mater joins St. James's, St. Vincent's, Limerick and University College Hospital Galway in offering electronic prostate referrals to GPs. We would like to thank all those involved in the roll-out of this service. For training or further information please contact 01 8287115.

February 2011 - SouthDoc Co-op Pilot

A pilot of SouthDoc out-of-hours reports has begun and shall run until 8th March. Once we receive sign-off from the pilot group we will make the service available to all participating GPs in the Cork and Kerry area.

January 2011 - Electronic Referrals to Limerick Regional Hospital

We are pleased to announce that Prostate and Lung Cancer Referrals can be sent online to Limerick Regional Hospital. To access the forms simply click on the Referrals link across the top of your Healthlink account. For training or further information please contact 01 8287115.

January 2011- SouthDoc Co-op Messaging

Testing has begun of Coop reports from SouthDoc, which covers out-of-hours GP services throughout Cork and Kerry. We are planning on running a pilot with 6 practices in February after which time the service will be released to all users in the area.