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Healthlink Terms & Conditions


  1. All users must register for Healthlink by filling in a Healthlink application form.
  2. Users will then be given a username, password and PIN along with a practice certificate.
  3. Users will be prompted to change password on first login.
  4. Each practice user is given their own login credentials.

Message Policy

  1. All messages in the practice account should be either read/exported/printed
  2. Healthlink can not take responsibility for any message not processed in a practice account
  3. By default all users within a practice have access to all patient results
  4. Permissions can be tailored based on the user role
  5. Only General Practitioners can create a referral message
  6. The message history is only available for 3 months via the Search functionality
  7. User profile changes can be requested via HealthlinkOnline application


  1. Please keep individual passwords confidential
  2. Do not share your login credentials with anyone
  3. Only use Healthlink certificates with practice computers
  4. Do not store all login details in the same location
  5. A user session timeout is set up on the Healthlink application.  If there has been no user activity for 40 minutes, the session will expire

Patient Confidentiality

  1. Our Data Protection policy outlines strict guidelines on emailing and faxing of patient identifiable information. Healthmail, secure email, should be used for sending any patient identifiable clinical information to Healthlink. Otherwise, a patient should not be identifiable in an email/fax or in any associated attachments.


  1. When a user leaves a practice, Healthlink should be contacted and the user account will be closed.
  2. If a practice stops using Healthlink, Healthlink should contacted and the practice account will be closed.

Data Protection

  1. All practices are required to sign the Healthlink Data Processing Agreement and send a copy to the Healthlink team.


  1. Support is provided Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm.
  2. Support is available by phone or email.
  3. Healthlink also provide a remote access service, enabling the Healthlink team to work on your machine. Real time access must be granted by the user in order for Healthlink to utilise this service.
  4. Healthlink support message integration into local Practice Management Systems via HealthlinkOnline or via web services through your local software. Healthlink will also support merging Healthlink messages into the patient file. Healthlink will provide this support to the best of their knowledge. For full support and training of your local practice systems, please contact your providers.

Inbound Message Usage

    Inbound Message Usage refers to messages created by the GP and sent via Healthlink back to the Hospital or relevant Healthcare facility.

    Healthlink currently provide two-way messaging including electronic referrals and laboratory ordering. These referrals will constantly be expanding, which will include many clinical disciplines, and will be enabled by your local accredited GP system or directly via the HealthlinkOnline application.

    The response given by the relevant consultant/hospital departments will be, by the very nature of such a service, wholly based on the data contained within the referral/message received by them. The Department accept responsibility for the response/result given only on the basis of the information supplied. Should there be any doubts about that follow-up we would suggest contacting the relevant department by phone. The same criteria apply to all electronic referrals or other electronic messages created via HealthlinkOnline or your GP system enabled by Healthlink.

    Referrals generally have a ‘Criteria for Good Practice and Usage Guidelines’ provided by the business owners. If these guidelines are available, Healthlink will provide a link to them. It is the responsibility of all users (agency or GP) of any referral to be familiar with and read these guidelines. These are available at:

Service Directory

    Service Directory is a HSE-managed national database of key contact/communication information for all health and associated service providers. The Directory is required to support Standard Codes and Identifiers in the context of the HSE’s Integrated Services Framework (EHscR) project.  Its primary objective is to moderate uniqueness of locations, people, services and organisations with in the healthcare service.

    Healthlink has agreed to supply a limited set of data to Service Directory. The information supplied is as following:  

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