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Healthlink Terms & Conditions for Central Referrals


  1. All users must register for Healthlink by filling in a Healthlink application form.
  2. Users will then be given a username, password and PIN along with an agency certificate.
  3. Users will be prompted to change password on first login.

Message Policy

  1. All messages in the Central Referrals Office account should be either read/printed/responded to.
  2. Healthlink can not take responsibility for any message not processed in an account.
  3. By default all users will have access to all patient messages.
  4. If the hospital is sending referral responses, referral messages will stay in the Unprocessed View until they are responded to.
  5. Once a referral is responded to, message history is only available for 3 months via the Search functionality.
  6. If the hospital is not sending referral responses, referral messages will be removed from the Unprocessed View once they are read or printed. After that, message history is only available for 3 months via the Search functionality.
  7. User profile changes can be requested via HealthlinkOnline application.


  1. Please keep individual passwords confidential.
  2. Do not share your login credentials with anyone.
  3. Only use Healthlink certificates with Central Referrals Office computers.
  4. Do not store all login details in the same location.
  5. A user session timeout is set up on the Healthlink application.  If there has been no user activity for 40 minutes, the session will expire.

Patient Confidentiality

  1. Our Data Protection policy outlines strict guidelines on emailing and faxing of patient identifiable information. Healthmail, secure email, should be used for sending any patient identifiable clinical information to Healthlink. Otherwise, a patient should not be identifiable in an email/fax or in any associated attachments.


  1. When a user leaves the Central Referrals Office, Healthlink should be contacted and the user account will be closed.
  2. If a Central Referrals Office stops using Healthlink, Healthlink should be contacted and the account will be closed.

Data Protection

  1. All hospitals are required to sign the Healthlink Data Processing Agreement and send a copy to the Healthlink team.


  1. Support is provided Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm.
  2. Support is available by phone or email.
  3. Healthlink also provide a remote access service, enabling the Healthlink team to work on your machine. Real time access must be granted by the user in order for Healthlink to utilise this service.

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