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About Healthlink

Healthlink is the National Health Messaging broker and provides a web-based messaging service which allows the secure transmission of clinical patient information between Hospitals, Health Care Agencies and Medical Practitioners.
Healthlink is funded by the HSE and all our services are free of charge to GPs and Dentists. Healthlink is part of the Access to Information & Health Identifiers Programme under the Office of the CIO. The two teams have come together to realise the vision of enabling timely access to health information when and where it is needed.

Remote Support

Healthlink can connect remotely to your computer for training or to resolve technical issues. Please contact the helpdesk on 01 8287115 to receive a code..

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Type the code you received from your Representative and click the Click Here button to proceed.
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Latest Stats

01 November 2019:

Number of GPs registered: 4,512

Number of Practices registered: 1,599

Number of Electronic reports sent/received to date in 2019:

  • Messages sent to GPs/Agencies: 17,381,726
  • Referrals in to Hospitals
    • Breast: 30,900 
    • Prostate: 2,965
    • Lung: 1,435
    • General: 424,708
    • Pigmented Lesion: 5,406
    • Ophthalmology: 5,949
    • Endoscopy: 10,284
    • Mental Health: 288
    • Neurology: 280
    • MRI request: 11
    • Palliative Care: 27
  • Electronic Lab Orders: 172,148
  • Electronic Radiology Orders: 704

Further stats on referrals can be found on the eHealth Ireland website


Healthlink's core remit is to provide a messaging service that allows patient information to be securely transferred between Hospitals and Medical Practitioners.

Patient information is generated on the source hospital system and transferred to and from our servers using secure network connections. Users login to the HealthlinkOnline website with a unique username, password, PIN and digital client certificate to verify identity. The application is also accessible via web service calls, meaning the accredited Practice Management Systems can integrate patient information automatically without opening the website. Our service calls are also used to generate referral messages from within the Practice Management Systems which are sent on to the hospital via Healthlink. Message files are formatted in HL7 which is an internationally recognised standard for exchanging information between healthcare applications. Healthlink is fully compliant with the HIQA National GP messaging Standards. Any vendor wishing to exchange messages with Healthlink should adhere to these standards.

Project Proposals:

A set of criteria have been compiled to assist Healthlink in evaluating project proposals. This enables developments to be aligned with agreed priorities and to ensure appropriate funding is available and maximum value is obtained from the national messaging infrastructure.

If you wish to work with us on a specific project, please complete the Project Proposal Form and email to

Training and Resources

The Healthlink helpdesk provides training on all aspects of the services available to Healthlink users. If you require assistance please contact the helpdesk or click on the following link training demos to view user guides, video demos, referral guidelines and HSE forms.


Below are the technical specifications which are available for Hospitals and Software Suppliers who wish to work with Healthlink.

Healthlink Hospital Information & Interface Specification - TCP

HealthlinkOnline Message Specification

General Referral Message Construction Guide

Referral Response Message Guide

MN-CMS Discharge Summary Specification

DEASP Sick Cert Specification

Latest News


The latest Healthlink newsletter is now available for information on newly launched services and developments currently being working on.


Electronic Ophthalmology referrals are now being accepted by St. Columcille's Hospital.


eReferrals are now available to the Hermitage Clinic.


eReferrals are now available to the Radiology department in Beaumont Private Clinic.


St. Francis Private Hospital Mullingar are now accepting referrals with attachments (word, PDF documents)


eReferrals are now available to the Radiology department in Naas General Hospital.


Healthlink, the NCCP and South Infirmary Victoria Hospital have begun a pilot with a group of GPS to allow attachments to be sent with Pigmented Lesion Referrals.


Contact Us


(01) 8287115




Patient Confidentiality:

One aspect of our user support includes following up on patient reports, e.g. test results that have not been sent electronically. If you need to send patient identifiable information to the Healthlink support team you must use your Healthmail account. Healthmail is an email service that allows GPs and their practice staff to send and receive clinical patient information in a secure manner. Healthlink is securely connected to Healthmail so all mail between the two domains is encrypted by default.

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