Referral Guidelines

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Electronic Referrals: Criteria for Good Practice and Usage Guidelines

Guidelines Document

ICGP Guidelines for Usage of National Referral Form (General Referrals)

Guidance Document

Irish Institute of Radiography

The iRefer guidelines ‘Making the Best Use of Clinical Radiology’ published by the Royal College of Radiologists, UK, were reviewed and adopted by the Faculty of Radiologists, the National Clinical Programme for Radiology and the National Radiation Safety Committee, HSE in 2012. These guidelines are intended as an aid for referring clinicians; they were produced to help clinicians, radiologists, radiographers and other healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate imaging investigation(s) for a wide range of clinical problems. They are a supportive tool to help direct clinical management and/or add confidence to the clinical diagnosis as additional evidence. They will help prevent inappropriate use of procedures and reduce unnecessary patient exposure to radiation. These guidelines are available to all staff in public hospitals since the end of 2013 and access for private hospitals is being rolled out in 2014 via the Independent Hospitals Association of Ireland. Access to General Practitioners is provided via secure login to the Healthlink website. More information about the guidelines can accessed via