News Archive - 2017

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December 2017 - MUH Labs Pilot

We have begun a pilot of laboratory reports from Mercy University Hospital in Cork. The pilot shall run for 4 weeks, after which time we will make the service available to all GPs in the area.

December 2017 - Charter Medical Lab Ordering

Healthlink have enabled electronic lab ordering from Charter Medical to the Mater Lab. This is a valuable service which streamlines the ordering process for both parties, eliminating manual completion of order forms and improving turnaround time for orders and results.

November 2017 - New Electronic Message from Temple Street

Healthlink are delighted to deliver ED Discharge Notifications from Temple Street Children's Hospital to GPs. We are working with Temple Street on additional messages and hope to have those live in the new year.

November 2017 - Endoscopy Referrals Live in Beaumont

The Endoscopy specialist referral form is now live in Beaumont hospital. We are delighted to expand eReferrals in Beaumont and would like to thank all our colleagues for their support in enabling this service.

October 2017 - Healthlink Newsletter

The Q3 Healthlink newsletter has been published with updates on all our services. Click here to read.

October 2017 - Data Returns Pilot

The GP Data Returns pilot began on Monday 16th October with a number of Socrates and CompleteGP practices. This pilot will enable the submission of diabetes cycle of care, asthma & periodic assessment messages for reimbursement and clinical data purposes.

September 2017 - Knightsbridge Private Hospital

Kingsbridge Private Hospital, formerly known as St. Joseph's Hospital, is a private hospital in Garden Hill, Sligo. Knightsbridge has recently gone live with eReferrals to it í s GP community for all departments. As with all referrals, these can be placed through the 4 accredited software systems plus in the HealthlinkOnline portal.

September 2017 - Radiology Ordering Pilot with Affidea

We are carrying out a pilot of Radiology Ordering with 13 Affidea clinics. This service allows GPs to order Ultrasound tests for patients in the HealthlinkOnline portal. Once live, the service will be available in all Affidea centres nationwide. We are also working with the Clanwilliam Group and CompleteGP to enable this in their systems.

July 2017 - eReferrals to Alliance Medical

Healthlink are delighted to partner with Alliance Medical to implement electronic referrals at multiple locations nationwide. Depending on the site, the options available for eReferral include MRI, CT, DXA, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Foetal Ultrasound and Cardiac Calcium Scoring.

GPs can access these referrals by selecting the Private Referral option in your practice management system or alternatively by logging into the HealthlinkOnline portal. Please contact us if you have any queries on this.

July 2017 - Endoscopy Referrals

The specialist Endoscopy referral form is now live in St Vincent's Hospital. The form comprises of the existing general referral form with additional detail to facilitate triaging of referrals for Upper and Lower GI procedures. Endoscopy referrals can be placed from within your practice software or the HealthlinkOnline portal. St. Vincentís will return a triage response within 5 working days. Four additional hospitals are now planning on piloting the specialist form, they are Beaumont, the Mater, St Jamesís and University of Limerick Hospitals Group.

May 2017 - Healthlink Newsletter

The Q2 Healthlink newsletter has been published with updates on all our services. Click here to read.

May 2017 - Ophthalmology Specialist Referrals

Following a successful pilot of the Ophthalmology specialist referral form at Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH), Healthlink are ready to enable the service for all other Ophthalmology services around the country. We are engaging with the national clinical lead on a rollout plan.
The Ophthalmology referral form is based on the national OPD General Referral form with the addition of specific questions related to Ophthalmology, in particular visual acuity. The form was agreed with the clinical lead for Ophthalmology at RVEEH and with the Quality in Practice Committee of the ICGP.†
From GPsí perspective the form is integrated in the four accredited practice management systems and also available in the HealthlinkOnline portal. Acknowledgements are available instantly once the referral has been sent and triage information will be returned from the hospital within an agreed timeframe. Patient care is improved as GPs can offer reassurance that the referral is being actioned in the hospital. Patients also benefit from a more efficient referral which is faster, safer and contains all the specific clinical information necessary for the Consultant team.

May 2017 - Cyber Attack

We are pleased to say that during the recent cyber attack Healthlink messaging was completely unaffected and all our GP services remained fully operational. It was an opportunity for all health care organisations to review and strengthen their cyber security and ensure anti virus and operating system updates are all in place.

May 2017 - Radiology Ordering

We are carrying out User Acceptance Testing with Affidea on electronic ordering of Radiology exams. This will give GPs the ability to order X-ray and Ultrasound tests for patients, directly from their practice software systems. Once live, the service will be available in all Affidea centres nationwide.

April 2017 - eReferral Attachments

Enabling attachments to electronic referrals has been identified as a development priority for Healthlink. We are working with a number of vendors to facilitate the scanning of attachments such as pdf documents, image files etc. for viruses and malware. It is imperative that we retain our high levels of safety and security in developing this solution for our users.

March 2017 - Ophthalmology Referral Pilot

The specialist Ophthalmology referral pilot with Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital has concluded. We are now compiling the pilot report and will seek signoff from both GPs and Hospital in the coming weeks.  Once signoff has been achieved this service will be available to all Ophthalmology departments and GPs nationwide.

February 2017 - New Messages from RVEEH

Two new message types have gone live from Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital. They are A&E Notifications and Inpatient Admissions. Both these messages can be downloaded into GP practice management systems and also read or printed in the HealthlinkOnline portal.