GP Messaging

Healthlink's core remit is to provide a messaging service that allows patient information to be securely transferred between Hospitals and General Practitioners.

Patient information is generated on the source hospital system and transferred to and from our servers using secure network connections. Users login to the HealthlinkOnline website with a unique username, password and PIN plus a digital client certificate to verify your identity. The application is also accessible via web service calls, meaning the accredited Practice Management Systems can integrate patient information automatically without opening the website. Web service calls are also used to generate referral messages from within the Practice Management System which are then sent on to the hospital via Healthlink.

Message files are formatted in HL7 which is an internationally recognised standard for exchanging information between healthcare applications.

Healthlink is fully compliant with the HIQA National GP Messaging Standards. Any vendor wishing to exchange messages with Healthlink should adhere to these standards - further information is available at the links below:

Message Types

Hospitals vary in terms of the information they make available to us however the full list of messages is as follows: